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Benefit Corporations (B Corps) & Other Socially Responsible Companies

Benefit Corporations (B Corps) & Other Socially Responsible Companies


The Smith Moore Leatherwood B Corp & Other Socially Responsible Companies Team ("B Team") focuses on the legal needs of for-profit companies with a strong social mission, whether they are existing or aspiring legislatively-recognized benefit corporations, "Certified B Corporations®" privately certified by B Lab®, or other socially-minded companies. We recognize that many for-profit companies with a socially beneficial mission, committed to TBL/3BL (the triple bottom line of profits, people, planet) and/or to SRI (socially responsible investing), need help understanding their legal options on a wide variety of issues. We can help businesspeople to understand the status of benefit corporation legislation in each state, avoid legal pitfalls faced by companies dedicated to CSR (corporate social responsibility), and comply with applicable laws while engaging in the innovative business practices and strategies that are at the heart of for-profit social entrepreneurship.

Our B Team is a multi-practice group comprised of corporate, litigation, labor and employment, and real estate lawyers, including a LEED Accredited Professional.  We provide counseling on:

  • Corporate entity formation and conversion
  • Corporate compliance
  • Shareholder rights and remedies
  • Labor and employment compliance and policy drafting
  • Litigation and risk management
  • Real estate and LEED certification
  • Tax implications

Explore our B Team's free resources below, including our B Legal Briefings on legal issues of interest to aspiring and existing benefit corps and our B Corp Legislative Map and Chart, which visually depicts, discusses in detail, and provides references to the benefit corporation legislation currently passed or proposed in each state, vis-a-vis the two leading models – the original Model Legislation from B Lab® and the Delaware/Colorado models passed in 2013.

Learn more:

B Legal Briefing B Legal Briefing

H.B. 616, the N.C. Benefit Corporation Act, Fails in the North Carolina House of Representatives
In April of this year, Representative Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson) introduced N.C. House Bill 616, with the title “North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act.”...
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Previous articles:

NC House Rep. McGrady Introduces NC HB 616, to Enact a "NC Public Benefit Corporation Act"

Kentucky Passes Benefit Corporation Statute

Georgia Benefit Corporation Model Legislation Is Considered for Approval and Support by State Bar of Georgia

Delaware Amends its Benefit Corporation Statute

North Carolina Benefit Corporation Act Re-Introduced by NC State House Representative Chuck McGrady

Becoming Certifiably Beneficial: A How-To on Certified B Corporations

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Helpful Resources  Helpful Resources

B Lab Honored as 2015 McNulty Prize Winner with $100000

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Duke University Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) Conference

B Informed B Informed

FAQ About B Corps
Get your basic questions about B Corps answered in a Q&A format.



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Legislative Status Map and Chart


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