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Careers Overview

Smith Moore Leatherwood combines almost 100 years of history and experience with the energy and zeal of a "new" firm. The core values that were the building blocks of a practice opened in 1919 have remained constant through the years and direct our planning for the future. We provide excellent service to our clients and communities, and nurture the practices of our lawyers so that they are bounded only by their own ambitions and aspirations. From our offices across the Carolinas and Georgia, we treat every litigation, transaction, or counseling engagement as an opportunity to impact the business of our clients. Every matter is important, and the careful handling of such maximizes the likelihood of achieving optimum results for our clients. Likewise, every employee at Smith Moore Leatherwood is important, and the careful training and development of each person ensures our success as individuals and as a firm.

We have more than 140 lawyers across the Southeast who work collaboratively to represent clients across the region and the country. Seamless technology permits our lawyers to work together across many miles, but only our commitment to do just that makes it a reality. We communicate freely inside and among our offices to assemble the experience that will best address our clients' needs. Included in the attention given to work staffing is the firm's best effort to maximize the training and professional development of our young attorneys.

We are a firm of professionals – lawyers and staff – who have chosen to work together because we understand that our firm is exactly what we make of it every day. In each office we look for team players who can contribute ideas, solve problems, and always keep the objectives of our clients in focus. We want all our employees to write and speak with clarity and energy, and to work well with those within, and outside, the firm. We seek to ensure that the poise and tact with which we approach our clients' work is matched by the respect and loyalty we show one another.

We strive every day to make our firm a place where people want to work because we know such effort improves the service we provide our clients. Equally, that effort increases the personal and professional satisfaction we derive from our law practices, and guarantees the long-term vitality of our firm.


Each of our lawyer's e-mail address is provided with his or her biography. If you are not a current client of our firm, you should not e-mail our lawyers with any confidential information or any information about a specific legal matter, given that our firm may presently represent persons or companies who have interests that are adverse to you. If you are not a current client and you e-mail any lawyer in our firm, you do so without any expectation of confidentiality. We will not establish a professional relationship with you via e-mail. Instead, you should contact our firm by telephone so that we can determine whether we are in a position to consult with you about any legal matters before you share any confidential or sensitive information with us.