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Core Values

The lawyers of Smith Moore Leatherwood commit themselves to the following core values, which govern our decision-making and our conduct. We communicate these values to the public and to the profession in a consistent manner. We incorporate them into our recruiting of first-year associates and laterals. We commit ourselves to applying these ideals in our daily practices and in our relationships with one another.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our law practice.

We are a group of consistently excellent lawyers. To maintain this standard requires that we make commitments to one another in several areas. First, we will seek complex and intellectually challenging work that demonstrates and enhances our skills. Second, in all the work we do, we will provide the highest-quality service to our clients. We will keep them informed, respond to them promptly, and put their success ahead of our own financial interest. Third, we will conduct ourselves at all times with integrity and in accordance with high ethical standards.

We are committed to working as a team members to promote the success of our firm.

We are a team, not a mosaic of individual practices, and we will structure our practice and our law firm on that basis. Each member of the team will contribute energy, initiative, and enthusiasm to ensure the continued success and well-being of the firm. We will not compete with one another for work, or for "credit" for the work. We also recognize that each person brings different gifts and talents, and operating as a team does not mean that everyone must be treated exactly the same. We will honor and respect individual autonomy as long as it fits within our team-oriented concept.

We are committed to supporting each other as both friends and professional colleagues.

One of the hallmarks of Smith Moore Leatherwood is that we care about each other and have respect for our differences. In our dealings with each other we will be honest, open, direct, fair, courteous, and respectful. We will appreciate one another, we will trust one another, and we will forgive one another when we make mistakes.

We encourage one another to lead full and balanced lives.

We encourage all of our lawyers to be people of substance and character. We encourage them to be good spouses, partners, parents, and friends. We encourage our lawyers to be active in professional, community, civic, and religious organizations. While "balance" will mean something different to each attorney, we all must remain fully committed to the success of our firm.


Each of our lawyer's e-mail address is provided with his or her biography. If you are not a current client of our firm, you should not e-mail our lawyers with any confidential information or any information about a specific legal matter, given that our firm may presently represent persons or companies who have interests that are adverse to you. If you are not a current client and you e-mail any lawyer in our firm, you do so without any expectation of confidentiality. We will not establish a professional relationship with you via e-mail. Instead, you should contact our firm by telephone so that we can determine whether we are in a position to consult with you about any legal matters before you share any confidential or sensitive information with us.